Sunday, June 20, 2010

Feelthy, Feelthy Wagons

The last few weeks since the Early Days Convention have been a little on the slow side. I've started a new job at the salt mine and the overlords have determined that I now have to manage production of sea salt rather than the traditional mining for salt. So what this means is that I've been spending a lot more time learning about new technologies and team dynamics which of course means less time at Picton. Of course, if I didn't work at the salt mine, I wouldn't be able to afford all the goodies for Picton. This thought at least keeps me going back everyday,
I started weathering all of the wagons and I'm not happy. A number of decals have fallen off or have disintegrated and some have not adhered properly which has given that decal sheen patina to some of them. Not happy Jan! The ones that disintegrated were affected by the Tamiya flat finish I applied to seal them so I swapped to Floquil and all was good. I'll have to re-decal about 10 wagons so that means reprinting the decals and applying them again.
As I said I've weathered most of the wagons that the decals survived and I did this mainly with dry brushing and acrylic washes. Here's how they turned out

Feelthy S and not so feelthy K


 I still have to give all of the wagons a mist of earth to tone things down a bit and then I'll add some weathering powders to see how that looks. All of the photos I've seen of trains in the '30's show the wagons generally well maintained with the odd exception so that's how I've tried to weather my wagons. Pity there's no colour photos around to really see how they looked so it's up to us to interprate what we can.
Oh, and I've also done a little more on the MLV's and they all now how have brake roding installed with truss rods to come.
I've also ordered some some Floquil Paint Pens from Stanbridges in Perth as they were the only ones I could find who could send the pens via Australia Post. So I'll be finally laying some track soon....I need a diversion from the wagons.