Goods Wagons

Well I managed to delete the page I had created before and a few other things as well so I may as well redo the whole thing. I've finished most of the 60 odd wagons that I'd had sitting around for the last 10 or so years so I feel a bit relieved that I can now move on. I still have a heap of passenger cars to complete but at least I can move on to to new things in the goods department so next will be finishing off the MLV's followed by superdetailing the truckload of S and U wagons that I'll need for Picton. Anyway here's a slide show of all the wagons so far

All the wagons have been superdetailed and have RP88 wheel sets as will the passenger cars. I just wish there were RP88 wheels available for steam engines or even better, P87. I guess you have to bite the bullet and make a start on what you have available now otherwise, there won't be many trains operating.

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