Sunday, November 10, 2013

Who's a Goose Then?

Um, that'd be me! I was working on the batch of louvre vans during the week and was putting the shade roofs on and marking out where the support brackets go. All was OK for the 3 door wagons but when I got to the 2 door MLV's, something wasn't quite right. I had the GA drawing and somehow the brackets were not lining up where they should be in relation to the louvre panels. Then it hit me. The drawing clearly showed that there were 2 louvre panels between the corner pillar and the door where my MLV had 3. I don't know how I missed this subtle (not) detail but miss it I did. Maybe it was willful blindness with not seeing what I didn't want to see but it now makes the small 2 door MLV's totally wrong. I could live with them (just) being about a foot too short but now that the number of panels is wrong too, I don't know what to do about them. Do I just ignore the obvious mistakes or do I scrap them and be done with them? I can't see any manufacturer bringing out a small MLV any time soon so I may just have to put up with them for the moment. I may paint them up and see how they look in a train. Anyway, I've only got a few things left to do like filling in the gaps in the under frames for the BLV's and adding some small strips of styrene to the lamp brackets which I'll do soon.

3 Door MLV


Standard BLV

King Post BLV

Last and Least, the Small MLV

I got out to the Train cave today and mounted some more point motors so I'll continue with that for the time being so I can get the track down. Hopefully by Christmas!!

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  1. Hey Rob, the salt mine must be busy, no updates on your blog for a while? Rgds Geoff