Sunday, May 15, 2016

Closer Still

We're almost at the finish line with just the track to be laid on the helix now. I had a lot of fun with building the helix as one half was supported on threaded rod from the bench work underneath with the other half suspended from the bench work above on the top deck. This was due to having the storage yard running below the helix.

Eventually, the helix will be under a mountain so none of this will be visible. I still have to even out the grade so that its a consistent rise from the bottom to the top so this will be this week's task along with laying the track. I was a bit short on flex track so I ordered some from Gywdir Valley Models which should arrive during the week ready for laying.

I also finished off the lift out section as well with some modifications to the original back scene. I decided to cut this down to the same size as the front valance as it didn't quite work as originally configured.

I also had to put a slight 'S' in the track so I could maintain the 36" (~900mm) minimum radius curves.

So the plan for this week is to finish off the the helix grade and lay the track followed by installing some LED lights for the lower deck lighting. I'd bought some LED strips previously from eBay and have just ordered some power supplies which I'm hoping will arrive soon.

Then, it's on to the wiring and then......Operation!! If there's not too much trouble shooting that is.


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