Sunday, October 30, 2011

More Progress

I've been beavering away in the Train Cave laying the grade for the Loopline from the junction round the reverse loop up to Thirlmere. Also done is Thirlmere and the beginning of the grade up to Hill Top as well as some of the hidden sidings. I plan to finish off the top deck and then do the bottom deck followed by the track work. While thinking about the track work, I thought I'd do some research on flex track prices as I certainly won't be hand laying the track in the hidden sidings. I began by looking locally for pricing on Shinohara Code 70 flex track and the best price I could get was $15.70 per metre. A quick check on the net yielded $6.70 from Walthers!! Add in the exchange rate and it's a no-brainer where I will be buying the track from. I've read around the various groups that people are often getting far better prices overseas for supplies and now I see what they are talking about. Up until now, I've had no need to purchase things overseas that could be purchased here. All the stuff I need is either only available here or overseas exclusively. People also mention about the price mark up from the wholesaler / importer and if that's the case, then I can see why people are complaining and buying overseas. I hope the wholesalers wake up soon otherwise the local hobby shop will find it difficult to compete. Anyway, here's some pic's of the current progress.

What a mess

1 in 40 all the way

Still some work to do

I'll be having a bit of a break for a couple of weeks as the salt mine is sending me away for a bit and when I get back, I'll be into some major repairs on the house that needs attention so I don't know how much work I'll be getting done in the next month. You never know.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


It was brought to my attention at the Liverpool exhibition that I hadn't updated the blog for a while. I explained that I had nothing to update and therefore had nothing to say. Now I could get all "emo" or political and talk about absolute crap just to get a post up but this blog is about building Picton so if there's nothing happening, there's no posting.
There's actually been a bit happening but how much can you talk about building bench work? I've cut and mounted the bearers plus mounted some of the back drops. Check it out.
Loopline Storage yard

The grade up to Thirlmere from the bottom deck

The grade up to Hill Top

I'm slowly getting there but there's a lot to do including building the lower deck.
Liverpool was good again this year, though I must admit I did more talking than looking at layouts. I guess the layouts didn't interest me that much as the NSWGR layouts are all too modern for my tastes. Still, there was some very good modelling although one scene that made Elscotto and I laugh was a Belpaire Pig crossing a Freight Rail 81 class...yeah!!
And Mike McCormac made an entry as well!!!!! Only 5 or so years we've been waiting but good things come to those with lots of patience and the wait has been worth it. Doggies galore for Picton and I can only hope that Mike gets the support that he deserves so he can look at getting the CX and BX done as well. Just not another 5 years please Mike!!!
Also met Linton from Stonequarry Creek who was loitering around Mike's stand looking to take some Doggies for a walk too. He couldn't hang around due to some inconsiderate friends having a wedding on Liverpool Saturday. How dare they!
I'll keep plugging away at the bench work and keep updating the blog when there's something worth talking about. Unless I get all Emo and want to have a cry.