Sunday, February 5, 2012

Emo Whinge Fest #1

Right, it's time to vent the spleen. You may have noticed a lack of posts since Christmas which is due to the ongoing work on the house that has taken up all my spare time. That, plus most of our belongings have been stored in the train cave meant that there was no train time for Mr Picton. I started the work on repairing the floors hoping that only 1 bedroom was needing repair but oh no, it had to be all 3 bedrooms plus the hallway that needed replacing, bearers and joists included. This included all the tiles that the previous owners had laid down so 1 x 9 metre and 1 x 4 meter skip later, we had removed all the floors. New floors were laid and the carpet went down yesterday and all the stuff in the garage is now back where it belongs so I can actually get into my cave again. Woohoo!! It's funny how the absence of trains causes other activities to gain in drinking!
So here's the whiny bit. We tried to get the insurance to cough up for it...silly us. The excuse for non-payment was that there was no single defined event that caused it. Slimy @#$%s!!!! Now I know how the flood victims feel like when they try and claim. Additional angst was caused when we claimed for some water damage on a ceiling. They'd pay for fixing the ceiling but not the leak that caused it. Brilliant!!!
Anyway, we're a lot poorer now but the upside is we have carpet in the bedrooms instead of the tiles the previous owner had put in which is much more comfortable.
I see I've picked up a few extra followers since Christmas which is nice to see. Don't worry, I don't normally carry on like this and most posts are about what's going on at Picton, not whining and whinging.

Back to the trains....hurrah!!