Sunday, December 18, 2011


I guess it's about time I post an update seeing as its about 6 weeks since I last posted anything. The trip to study new methods of salt mining went well except for the trip home. 36 hours straight in planes and airports and 2 hours sleep does not make Mr Picton a happy chappy but at least I went to some places I hadn't been before. Tried to get some train action in but my colleagues are not what you'd call "enthusiasts" so I was limited to watching what went past close to the hotel. Here's some suburban train action in Stockholm

Modern Stock and no Graffiti

Stockholm was a blast with fine food and lots of history except for a bit of salt mining thrown in to ruin everything.
When I got back, I was supposed to begin doing the house repairs but unfortunately our builder got delayed on his current job so now, this isn't going to happen until January 9. Which wasn't a bad thing seeing I came down with 2 'flu's in row and would have been totally useless. Anyway, what all this means is that not a lot has been happening at Picton. I've finished off the L girders for the lower deck and am now in the process of attaching the bearers and backdrops.

Slowly bit Surely

A Certain Viaduct will be located here

Hopefully, I'll have all the bench work done soon and can move back on to track laying and wiring and hopefully running some trains one day.

There's one other thing that's also happened recently that just goes to show you what resourcefull, helpful modellers are out there and the value of the Internet. My fellow Pictonite, Linton, posted a question in the Yahoo Group, Aus_Model_Rail regarding obtaining bullhead rail so he could build the road over bridge at the Sydney end of Picton Station. I replied and we had a bit of banter then the next thing I know, Linton and I get an email asking about what information we're after for the bridge. Anyway, I'm not going to go into too much detail but the information we've received from this gentleman is pure gold and we're both extremely grateful for his help on this. He wished to remain anonymous and I respect that but I'd like to thank him for the information he's shared with us as it will go along way for Linton and I to build some accurate models. Thanks heaps!!!!

This maybe the last post before Christmas so I'd like to wish a very Merry Christmas to you all and your families and hope Santa brings you lots of railway goodness. I know there's a little boy in my family who's getting some LNER 4472 love. Have a good one!!