Sunday, July 20, 2014

Up the Junction Part 2

The point work for Picton yard had been progressing fairly quickly with 11 points and the single slip crossover soldered up and ready to be detailed. These points are all Code's how they look.

I've got a bit of a production line going and I've found I can punch out about 1.5 points per 1.5 hour session. The single slip, however, took somewhat longer as you would imagine due to the complexity but I think the effort has been worth it. My test bogie and test 4 wheel wagon both traverse all of the points smoothly with no stalls or wheel drops so I'm feeling confident they'll work ok once they're installed. I've got 4 Code 70 curve points to go as well as 9 Code 55 Points before I detail them all and paint them prior to installation. In retrospect, I should have painted all the points on the top deck before I installed them but then 20 / 20 hindsight is a wonderful thing....its something I'm very good at.


  1. I am very envious Rob! The single slip looks great! Do you want to build some for me? Ha ha.

    Looking forward to seeing Picton yard come together.


  2. Thanks Linton. I'll swap you a single slip for some D57 sound files!!! :-)


  3. Just came back from up Byron Bay way and was amazed that no one has taken advantage of the disused Casino to Byron line. Also amazed that track equip and xings have not been ratted by collectors. Seems a wasted opportunity for a entrepreneur

  4. Love it Rob. Comin for a look see one day.