Sunday, July 19, 2015


I was able to get on the power tools recently so I finished the lift out section for the bottom deck. I'm not going to show you the first attempt as that would show how useless I am but the second attempt was much better and now just needs some paint to finish it off.

Nice and lite too

While the tools were out, I finished off the last pieces of ply for the station yard of Picton in preparation for the track to be laid. I still have to fix the ply to the bench work but that will be the last thing I do as I prefer to mount the points and then fix the point motors off the bench. I laid the points out to start getting a feel of how it will look.

Picton goods day

I was going to start wiring the top deck but then realised that if I did this and wired the helix, it would make things difficult when laying the track for the bottom deck storage yards. So I dismantled the helix temporarily while I lay the track for the storage yard.

Storage Yard....Goulburn or Sydney?

A little while back, I went down to Thirlmere to meet up with Standard Goods Fan and take some measurements of one of the archbar bogies that is used as a  workshop bogie. Eventually, I want to make a master and cast some for my various wagons (E, BBW etc) that will need these bogies which are unavailable commercially. I'll let you know when you can place your orders, hehe.

One of many photos

Archbar Detail

Standard Goods Fan was a great host and took me on a tour of the workshops and showed me what remains of the H dump truck.

Not much left I'm afraid

There's little left but you can see the main components like the tilting mechanism and other metal components. When you see what some preservation groups have done with wagon restorations, you realise that the H truck can be brought back from the brink, it just takes money, people and time.

And lastly, you can't go to the museum without a ride on a steam train and a visit to the footplate.

The Driver's View


That's it for now.