Monday, January 28, 2013

Tracking Ahead

Since the last post, I've continued to build the track so that now, I've done all the mainline on the top deck between the storage yard and Picton Junction. I haven't actually fixed it down yet but I will once I finish building all of the points. All the track outside of the storage yard is hand laid Code 55 with the track in the storage yard being a combination of Micro Engineering Code 55 Flex Track and Andy Reichert's Proto 87 track and points. Here's how it looks,

Coming up the hill from Picton Junction and looping round to go to Thirlmere

Looking down the the hill from Hill Top to Thirlmere

Points for the storage yard

So slowly but surely the track is getting laid. Now, I've only got 19 points to make and I can start fixing everything down. After that, I'm giving up on the track work for a while as it's starting to get to me again but never the less,  I'm determined to get the top deck track finished once and for all. And the quicker I get it done, the quicker I'll be back building the LFX's and shock horror, making scenery and buildings! Then, there's some loco's to build too.
So many models, so little time.