Sunday, May 30, 2010

Early Days Love In

Yesterday was the 20th Anniversary of the "Modelling the Early Days of the NSWR" Convention and what a great day it was. About 70 people attended, most of whom were familiar faces, and as usual, the subject matter was informative and thought provoking. It's interesting to reflect on the impact this particular forum has had on the hobby. We've seen kits produced by some very talented modellers over the years (thank you Peter F), most of which would never have seen the light of day otherwise. The amount of research that the presenters do and pass on, really makes this a not to be missed event. Even if the period of focus, 1855 - 1930, is not your era, there is much subject matter that transcends the period of discussion.

This year, I was asked to talk about Picton and how I'd come to the decision to model this location. In the back of my mind, I was thinking that nobody would be interested but afterwards a couple of guys, John and Gary, both made mention of what a good choice Picton was. John was one of the presenters and gave a very informative presentation on building Manning Wardell F and H class in 7mm scale. And Gary is a wealth of information and has actual paint samples that he has been analysing from pastoral green, C35's and C36's.

This is why I return year after year!

I also got talking to Ian and Andrew from Coffs Harbour and these boys are serious. Aside from some exquisite etches of a LLW well wagon, they showed me an example of a BLV and a SL heavy load vehicle that had been produced using 3D CAD and resin / thermal printing. I am continually amazed at the innovation in the hobby....and people say it's stagnating? I don't think so. It reminds me of people who say that the music of the '80's was crap. Well, yes the mainstream was, but if you looked deeper, there was there was a subterranean movement that pushed the boundaries and was continually looking for innovation, Sound familiar?

Anyway, Elscotto and I emptied the wallets to procure the goodies on offer. Elscotto spent some bucks on some turn of the century (19th-20th that is) figures....he reckons it was money that should have been spent on other items. I guess Elscotto is not a people person........

I had an 1885 and an 1891 louvre van on pre order that was available for pickup and you don't get this stuff unless you attend the conventions.

I also took some of my models along and James M took some photo's and took down some details of each model, so I'm hoping they might appear in an AMRM some day.

Bob G and Ian D have done so much to progress this niche of the hobby and I'm grateful to them and everyone else who has contributed to the organisation and content of the "Early Days"

 I am a better modeller because of this forum


  1. Rob, great to hear that it was a great day. I look forward to being able to go, I just may have to wait till all the planets align, I squint with one eye, whilst standing on one foot, and singing 'beautiful world' from an old 80's band, if you know the song you'll know the band! I was hoping to go but a change in store that I work, and the fact that I ended up being rostered on on Saturday made it all a bit hard.

    The 'information' age really can benefit our hobby, I totally agree. Anyway I'll have to catch up with you some other time! Cheers,Geoff.

  2. Geoff,
    I was hoping you'd be there but I know how it goes with work. I used to be on call 24 x 7 and I missed a few things over the years (including my own birthday party!) Try and get down for the next one and we can swap notes. And I saw Devo at the Hordern Pavilion on the Whip it Tour. They were the only 'mainstream" band I had any respect for and they were fantastic.
    Cheer, Rob

  3. Well Rob I really didn't know if Devo would have been on your list of bands you knew, I'm impressed!. I've followed them from the early days, and their new CD comes out this June with a tour maybe this year or early in 2011.


  4. Geoff, I still have memories of the first time I saw Devo on Rock Arena or Night Moves, can't remember which but it was the clip for "Are we not Men" I thought they were outrageous and bought the album immediately. The scene with the baby and the toaster still brings a smile to my face.