Sunday, August 7, 2011

Paint the Town Red

I've worked out what was going wrong with the spray painting finally. I got the mixture right and the pressure right but still the airbrush was not giving the desired results. I was trying to do some weathering of my goods wagons and there was still splotches and furriness happening and it had me dumbfounded. My airbrush is a Paasche VL double action that had worked previously but I had an old Badger single action airbrush that I used to use 20 years ago so I thought, what the hell, I'll give the Badger a go. And, voila, all is good in spray paint land. So I quickly finished weathering the goods wagons (See new Goods Wagons page) and splashed some venetian red around on some passenger carriages. Now the trick will be working out what's gone wrong with the Paasche. Here's how I Paint the Town Red

BKD Prison Van

KB Bulk Mail Van

FN Second Class Car

 I ended up painting the 7 car NIB set, 2 x EHO's, 2 x BKG's, KKG, BKD and KB as well as the previously mentioned goods wagon. I'll try and finish the passenger cars soon and then it'll be on to the lining. Can't wait for that.......especially the elaborate '30's lining that I haven't worked out how to do. Can someone remind me why I model the 1930's????


  1. You model the 1930's because it is a time that is so different to where we live now, a simpler time, a slower time, time to pause and live, time to enjoy, where hard work had its reward, where mates enjoyed their working time together, where simple repetitive work was relished with pride....I could go on, and this is nothing about the actual rollingstock and locomotives, it is about the 'feel' that such a different time holds for us!

  2. Indeed Geoff, well put. Modelling the 1930's certainly creates some challenges and I guess that's why you take on something like this. I want to be challenged and maybe, in the end, build something that's that little bit different. I can tell you though, the passenger car lining has got me stumped for the moment.