Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Sun Never Sets on Hill Top

Looks like I haven't posted anything for a while so I better make amends and give an update on what's been happening.
It's been slow going with the track work as I haven't had as much time available to me as I normally do due to school holidays, jobs around the house, Liverpool exhibition and fixing my brother's computer. Oh, and a NRL Grand Final.....Go you Dragons!!!!!
Aaah, that's better.
Anyway, I've soldered up all the frogs and bolt details for the points and have spiked most of the track for Hill Top so this week I should start painting the rail after I solder the electrical feeds. The Kadee #309 magnetic uncouplers I ordered sometime ago for Hill Top arrived which I have to install and I've also ordered some Cobalt point motors from DCC Concepts which I'll need before mounting the points on the baseboard. I've also been trying to work out the dimensions and interior layout of the Hill Top station buildings so I posted some questions in the usual forums. The responses to these questions and others I've had have been fantastic (Thanks Pete, John and Evan amongst others) and the information I'm receiving is helping immensely.
So, here's how Hill Top is looking at the moment

The Track is not fixed yet

I also filled all the gaps and painted the backdrop for the so far completed layout. I took the easy way out and painted it sky blue but I did consider painting it grey. Picton will be set in winter hence the thought about painting it grey. Anyway, it's blue now and I'll probably add some clouds after seeing Geoff's efforts on his blog . It will always be sunny in Hill Top!
Here's a view of most of the layout so far.

The exercise bike must go

Just a little bit of a ramble on Liverpool. For me, each year just keeps getting better and better and not because of the layout quality but because of the people you talk to. Elscotto and I ventured out on the Saturday and I met some of his friends plus caught up with Ian at the Coff's Harbour Railway Modeller's Layout. I had the pleasure of seeing some of Ian's models, highlighted on his blog, trundling along behind a D55. Let me tell you they look better in real life....fantastic work. Also caught up with James from AMRM and thanked him for his photographic efforts of my models in the latest AMRM. The models look better in the photo's than they do in real life so thanks James.

That's it for now


  1. Hello,

    I 'am still following your work , i'm waiting for the next progress.grettings


  2. Hi Pascal,
    Thanks mate and I'm following yours as well. Hopefully, I'll updating more regularly after I finish the track laying. It's taking a long time :-)