Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hurley Burley Time to Go Early

Early Days Convention that is. Went to the Early Days convention yesterday and had an excellent time as per usual. However, I'm getting sick and tired of going along and learning new information that requires me to go back and redo some of my models!!! Gary S gave a great talk on the research he's done on the paint schemes of the Engines and Carriages of the NSWR from 1855 - 1955. There's going to be debate for years I think about some of the conclusions that Garry put forward. Green Second Class cars! Venetian Red instead of Purple Brown! Black lining with yellow borders! Garry had, with the help of the RTM, obtained paint chips from the 8 wheel radial car and the locomotive instruction car FZ909 so he's got the paint to prove it. Also, Ian D gave another of his excellent talks this time on the BLV louvre vans. And here I learnt where the 3 door MLV with cantilever under frame came from. I can see one of my ANDIAN models BLV's getting a taste of the razor saw soon to make one of these cars.
All the usual suspects were there again and it was good to catch up with them. There never seems to be enough time to talk to everyone....I reckon you could turn it into a 2 day event without much trouble. Fellow Pictonian Linton was there for the first time so it was good to catch up with him. Some great models were displayed as well and not a infernal combustion engine in sight. Managed to pick up some goodies including an etch for an R class frame (18class for the Post 1924'ers). Both Elscotto and I picked up an EZI kits A class each as well.
I also managed to nearly finish my EHO's with only the glazing to go so I took them along anyway plus a bunch of goods wagons.

EHO 669

EHO 1833

This week I'm going to have a crack at the decals again and finish off the other vehicles and then it's time to start on a LFX. The EHO's are lonely.


  1. The EHO's look fantastic. I'd loved to have seen them up close, hopefully next year I'll be able to attend the convention again and see more of your great modelling.

  2. Thanks Poath...that's really nice of you. Try and get along to the Early Days next year, it's a great day and there's plenty of fine models there too.