Sunday, August 12, 2012

More Paint it Black

I was going to print some decals today and do a spot of decalling but I discovered that all the artwork I'd done was in landscape and of course, the ALPS printer only prints in portrait. I tells ya, I'm getting good at this artwork business with all the practice I'm getting! Anyway, what to do with a few hours to myself? I've been getting a fair bit done in the paint department so back to the booth I went. I finished off the KB, EHO, and GT and then painted the under frames of the NIB set, check it out.







Still a bit to go on the N cars but they're gradually coming together. I'm going to try and get the decals done on a few of the carriages as I'm hoping to take some carriages and wagons along to the Modelling the Early Days of the NSWR so I better get my act together. Only 2 more weeks to go until the convention and uber train nerdiness....can't wait.

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