Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Blank Canvass

Up till now, I've been a solitary modeller, mainly because I've had other priorities like family and playing in bands so contact with other like minded individuals was limited. I work in telecommunications, which is a den of geekdom, so although there's generally not many peoplle involved in the hobby, there is at least an appreciation and an understanding of the complexity....especially when you start talking abut DCC!
So anyway, for a number of years, I've been attending the "Modelling the Early Days of the NSWGR" Convention, again keeping a low profile. And all the while I'm thinking about how to convert the garage into Picton's home and guessing about how I would accomplish it.
Many people have talked about the value of joining a club...I can add that attending conventions like the "Early Days" is also the best thing you can do as well. You get to talk to like minded people, exchange ideas and make friends as well.
I got talking a couple of years ago to Elscotto who has since helped me immeasurably with converting the garage to the trainroom. Aside from practical help, he's got me off my backside and actually doing things which is the biggest help anyone can give.
Anyway this is what we started with.

Bare ceiling, no insulation

That window was completely rotten and has to be replaced

More Ceiling

Looking at the doors

Very dodgy window installation. Yes, that's Fibro holding it in.

And no eves so the grape vine can also make its way inside.

 This was how it looked in February, 2009 before we started. It has taken nearly a year to finish it off and start building the baseboards.

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