Sunday, March 7, 2010

What's In the Workshop

As I said, up until we moved, all my modelling has been building wagons and carriages and it's only now that I've actually been able to even start painting them. I've got about 70 wagons and carriages now in undercoat ready to be painted. All my stock is superdetailed with brake rigging and hand rails with the goods wagons using Kadee's and the passenger stock having sprung buffers and screw couplings. I mostly modify kits to build up my stock and have recently bought a bunch of Trainorama Steel S trucks and K trucks which will all have to be upgraded. Anything else that isn't available, I scratchbuild.
I decided to use screw couplings on the carriages as I didn't intend to be shunting them and they would look so much better with buffers touching and no Kadee trip pins hanging around. Years ago, Stephen Johnson used to have kits for screw couplers which I bought a number of....and now I wish I'd bought abot 40 as I've run out. So if anyone out there knows a source for 3.5mm screw couplers let me know please otherwise I'll have to use 4mm couplings
Here's a few photo's of my kitbuilt and scratchbuilt rolling stock. I might have to invest in a better camera lense if I'm going to take closer photo's.

An Ian Lindsay D Truck with An Old Buggers D that I'm doing for Elscotto

Scratch built BEY

Kitbashed Trainorama (I think) MRC

Old Buggers BKD

Scratch built SF

Scratch built Square Cornered Steel S

Heavily Modified Camco GSV's into SV and OSV

And lastly, modified Silvermaz K and scratch built WT's

Hopefully, I'll be getting out the spraygun in the next week or so and  get some colour onto the wagons.


  1. Picton, love the detail in your work. The screw couplers are available from Casula Hobbies and AR Kits. The AR ones are a three piece brass moulding that go together well, and I like the movement that they have. The Casula ones are a brass moulding also and are a single piece unit. I lokk forward to your next post.

  2. Thanks for the compliment Geoff. Regarding the AR kits couplers, have you tried the "Passenger 3 Link Couplers and Drawhook" PDP012? If so I'll give them a shot as I have a bunch of TAM's, CAM, VAM, EAM and LAM to couple up as well as MBX, MFX, MCX, TBC, TFX and SBX/SFX to do as well!!!


  3. Yep, the three link coupler is the one I've used, actually I think I posted a photo of one some time ago on my blog

  4. Nope, no photo, just checked, sorry, I'll post one soon

  5. Rightio, I'll keep an eye out for it. BTW, I like your handlaid track, looks great.

  6. Rob, I meant to ask this the other day. On your steel sided S wagon, where did you get the tie down rings from? Or are they scratchbuilt also? Geoff.

  7. Yes, they're scratchbuilt too and a right pain. They're soft brass wire wrapped around a drill then each link cut off with a sharp knife and soldered to a piece of wire for drilling and mounting. Model Etch,
    have some available but they look a bit too oval shaped to me. You could also use Detail Associates lift rings but it starts getting a bit expensive then.
    Cheers, Rob

  8. Oh, and there's some on the sole bar of the SF as well but you can't really see them in the photo. My next door neighbour thinks I'm crazy :-)
    He's right!